Cold Weather Payment Scheme Postcodes, Nearly 300 Postcodes Qualify for Payments, Check List Here

In the UK, there’s a special help program called the Cold Weather Payment scheme. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) runs it. This program helps families who need extra support when it’s really cold, like when temperatures drop to -10C or lower. It’s a big help for people who find it hard to keep their homes warm during these cold times.

About the UK Cold Weather Payment Scheme

Payment Information: The Cold Weather Payment scheme provides a payment of £25. This payment is made for each seven-day period when the local temperature stays at or falls below zero degrees Celsius.

Activation Criteria: To trigger this payment, there must be a prolonged period of cold weather. More precisely, the temperature needs to stay at or below freezing for a continuous period of seven days.

Insights from the Pensions Minister

Paul Maynard, who currently serves as the Pensions Minister, has emphasized the importance of these payments. He has noted that they play a crucial role in offering assistance to households when the weather gets colder, which helps alleviate the stress caused by expensive heating bills. Maynard has stressed that this program is just one component of a broader strategy aimed at aiding those who require it the most. At the same time, the government’s primary objective is to address inflation, ensuring that people’s money retains its value and purchasing power.

Eligibility Terms and Affected Regions

List of Qualifying Postcodes

The Cold Weather Payment has been triggered in numerous regions across the UK, with specific postcodes being eligible. Some of these include:

Shap – CA10-12, CA16, CA17, LA8-LA10, LA21-LA23

Albermarle – DH1-DH7, DH9, DL4, DL5, DL14-DL17, NE1-NE13, NE15-NE18, NE20-NE46, SR1-SR7, TS21, TS28, TS29

Bainbridge – BD23, BD24, DL8, DL11-DL13

Bingley – BB4, BB8-BB12, BB18, BD1-22, HD3, HD7, HD8, HD9, HX1-HX7, LS21, LS29, OL13, OL14, S36

Carlisle – CA1-CA8, DG16

Fylingdales – YO13, YO18, YO21, YO22, YO62

Redesdale – CA9, DH8, NE19, NE47-NE49

Rochdale – BL0-BL9, M24, M26, OL1-OL12, OL15, OL16, SK15

Rostherne – CW4, CW6-CW11, M1-M9, M11-M23, M25, M27-M35, M38, M40, M41, M43-M46, M50, M90, PR7, SK1-SK12, SK14, SK16, WA1-WA16, WN1-WN8

Shawbury – SY1-SY6, SY11-SY13, TF1-TF13

Shap – CA10-CA12, CA16, CA17, LA8-LA10, LA21-LA23

Postcodes in the below list are the areas that have seen the payments activated since the start of the year.

January 12

  • Redesdale – CA9, DH8, NE19, NE47-NE49
  • Shap – CA10-CA12, CA16, CA17, LA8-LA10, LA21-LA23

January 13

  • Albemarle – DH1-DH7, DH9, DL4, DL5, DL14-DL17, NE1-NE13, NE15-NE18, NE20, NE21, NE23, NE25-NE46, SR1-SR7, TS21, TS28, TS29
  • Bainbridge – BD23, BD24, DL8, DL11-DL13
  • Benson – HP5-HP23, HP27, OX9, OX10, OX33, OX39, OX44, OX49, RG9, SL7-SL9
  • Bingley – BB4, BB8-12, BB18, BD1-BD22, HD3, HD7-HD9, HX1-HX7, LS21, LS29, OL13, OL14, S36
  • Charterhall – NE71, TD12, TD15
  • Fylingdales – YO13, YO18, YO21, YO22, YO62
  • Leek Thorncliffe – DE4, DE45, S32, S33, SK13, SK17, SK22, SK23, ST9, ST10, ST13
  • Libanus – CF37-CF48, CF81-CF83, LD3, NP4, NP11-NP13, NP22-NP24, NP44, SA9
  • Marham – CB6, CB7, IP24-IP28, PE12-PE14, PE30-PE3

Eligibility Terms for the Payment

You might get the Cold Weather Payment if you get certain benefits. These include:

1. Pension Credit: This is for retired folks with low incomes.
2. Income Support: For people with low incomes and specific conditions.
3. Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA): For those who are jobless and looking for work.
4. Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA): For those who can’t work due to illness or disability.
5. Universal Credit: A payment to help with living expenses if you have a low income or no job.
6. Support for Mortgage Interest: Help for homeowners getting certain income-related benefits.

Keep in mind that if you live in Scotland, you won’t get the Cold Weather Payment. Instead, you might get the Winter Heating Payment every year.

How to get Cold Weather Payments, UK 2024

How the Payment is Processed

  • How Payments Work:
    You don’t have to apply for the payment if you’re eligible. It’s given automatically to those who qualify.
  • Payment Timing:
    Usually, the payment is put into your bank account about 14 working days after the seven-day cold weather period ends.

Procedure to Take if Payment is Not Received

If you haven’t got your Cold Weather Payment and you’re eligible, it’s a good idea to get in touch with the DWP. They can help sort out any problems or questions you might have.

The Cold Weather Payment scheme is very important because it helps people and families who might be struggling during the cold winter weather in the UK. By helping with heating costs, it makes sure people stay warm and not worry too much about money. So, it’s an important part of the government’s efforts to help people and keep the economy stable.

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