The Grand Tour Sand Job Release Date, a special new episode ready to air.

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May are back with a new episode of their popular motoring show, The Grand Tour. This special episode, called Sand Job, will be available to watch on Prime Video.

The Grand Tour started in 2016, after Jeremy Clarkson left the BBC and their show Top Gear. Richard Hammond and James May joined him, and together they started The Grand Tour on Prime Video.

At first, The Grand Tour was similar to Top Gear. The hosts reviewed cars, talked to a live audience, and went on car-related adventures. But later, the show changed. Instead of the studio format, they began traveling around the world for racing challenges, which became known as special episodes.

Now, as the show comes to an end, we have details about its first final special episode, Sand Job. Let’s find out what we know about The Grand Tour: Sand Job.

When will The Grand Tour: Sand Job be released?

The Grand Tour: Sand Job will be released on Friday, 16 February on Prime Video.

The trailer for The Grand Tour: Sand Job is out now, giving us a glimpse of the tough journey Clarkson, Hammond, and May take to compete in the Paris-Dakar race.

In the trailer, we see the challenges the trio encounter, like Hammond’s Aston Martin struggling in the desert and breaking down, with even his air conditioning giving up. But amidst these hurdles, there are also funny moments, promising an entertaining experience for viewers. It looks like the penultimate special of The Grand Tour will be a real treat!

The Grand Tour: Sand Job

In The Grand Tour: Sand Job, Clarkson, Hammond, and May head to Mauritania in Africa to take on a new adventure replicating the famous Paris to Dakar rally.

But, as always with their journeys, there’s a twist.

Instead of fancy Dakar race cars, they have to use cheap modified sports cars. The official synopsis of the show explains, “Their journey starts with the world’s longest train and takes them through the challenging Sahara desert and dangerous river crossings while they try to keep their fuel supply safe from exploding.”

This special episode of The Grand Tour will test the trio and their cars in scorching temperatures and rough sandy terrain. It’s described as a real challenge by Prime Video, both for the presenters and their vehicles.

The Grand Tour Sand Job Release Date

Is The Grand Tour: Sand Job the last episode of season 5?

The Grand Tour: Sand Job isn’t the final episode of season 5; it’s the second last.

The last episode of The Grand Tour season 5 will come out later in 2024, but we don’t have a specific date yet. What we do know is that Clarkson, Hammond, and May will be heading to Zimbabwe for this final episode.

The decision to end the series came after Clarkson mentioned that the show’s producers had run out of ideas on where to send them next.

“I’ve driven cars higher and further north than anyone else. We’ve done everything possible with a car,” Clarkson said to The Times. “When we discussed what to do next, people just didn’t know what else to suggest.”

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