iPhone 15 Pro's Titanium Frame: Unleash the Beast with a Touch of Elegance!

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Apple reveals the iPhone 15 series during a September 12 event.

Apple's support document warns that iPhone 15 Pro's titanium frame may change colors temporarily from fingerprints.

The iPhone 15 Pro hits the market with high anticipation after its unveiling.

Apple notes that skin oil can temporarily alter the device's color but assures reversibility.

Apple provides users with a way to restore the original appearance of the iPhone 15.

CEO Tim Cook hails the iPhone 15 Pro as the most advanced in the Pro lineup.

The device boasts a robust processor, significant camera upgrades, and impressive features.

Apple highlights the phone's titanium body for a lighter and tougher build.

Despite its advantages, the titanium frame may be susceptible to color changes.

The iPhone 15 Pro offers power and style, with a unique titanium twist.

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