Aadhar Card Me Mobile Number Kaise Change Kare? (आसान स्टेप्स में जानें)

आधार कार्ड में रजिस्टर्ड मोबाइल नंबर कैसे बदले:  If you’ve lost your mobile number or want to change it in your Aadhaar card, you can do so by visiting an Aadhaar enrollment center and updating it in the UIDAI database. This article explains how to update your mobile number online in your Aadhaar card.

How to Change Aadhaar Mobile Number

Aadhaar has been made mandatory for many purposes and document verification. To access Aadhaar-related online services, you must first register your mobile number with UIDAI, which will be used to issue OTPs for verification. If your former UIDAI-registered mobile number is inactive, or if you want to update your mobile number on your Aadhaar card, you must visit an Aadhaar enrollment center.

आधार कार्ड में मोबाइल नंबर चेंज करना है

Many times People lost or deactivate their mobile phone numbers for for various reasons. You can update your mobile number in aadhaar if you have a new one. Follow these simple procedures to update your Aadhaar mobile number:

  1. Go to an Aadhaar enrollment center near you.
  2. Fill out the Aadhaar update/correction form
  3. Submit the form to Aadhaar executive.
  4. You will be charged Rs. 50 for this service.
  5. You’ll get a receipt with an Update Request Number (URN). You may check the status of your update request using the URN.
  6. Within few days, your new mobile number will be updated in the Aadhaar database.

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Procedure to Change Aadhaar Mobile Number Online

Note : This service has been temporarily discontinued by UIDAI. However, here is how you can update your Aadhaar without an online mobile number:

  1. First Visit the Indian Postal Service website.
  2. Fill in your details, such as name, address, mobile number, and email.
  3. Select ‘PPB- Aadhaar Service’ from the menu.
  4. Choose ‘UIDAI-Mobile/Email to Aadhaar linking/update’.
  5. Now Click on ‘Request OTP’.
  6. Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number.
  7. Click on ‘Confirm Service Request’. You will receive a reference number to track your application status.
  8. Your application will be sent to your nearest post office.
  9. An official for Aadhaar update/linking will complete the verification process. The official will visit your provided address and complete the verification process using a mobile biometric device.
  10. You will need to make a payment for this service.

You can update your mobile number in your Aadhaar card as many times as you want. However, each time you do this, there is a 50 rs. fee to be paid. Those whose mobile number is linked to their Aadhaar card have many benefits like get information related to receiving subsidy in their bank accounts and using OTP for online services. You can also update your Aadhaar card online using this OTP service.

How to Check Aadhar-Mobile Number Linking Status

Here are two ways to check your mobile number is linked to your Aadhaar card or not:

Method 1:

  1. Visit the UIDAI website and click on “Verify an Aadhaar Number” under Aadhaar Services.
  2. Enter your Aadhaar number and the CAPTCHA code, and click “Proceed And Verify Aadhaar” to check if your mobile number is linked to your Aadhaar.

Method 2:

  1. Firtst go to Aadhaar official website at UIDAI
  2. On the UIDAI website, click on “Verify Email/Mobile Number.” under Aadhaar Services,
  3. Select “Verify Mobile Number” and enter your Aadhaar number, mobile number, and the CAPTCHA code.
  4. Now click on “Send OTP.” to check your mobile number is linked to your aadhaar number or not.

FAQs about आधार कार्ड में मोबाइल नंबर चेंज करना है

Q: Can I update my mobile number in the Aadhaar card online?
A: No, you cannot update your mobile number in the Aadhaar card online. To change your mobile number, you need to visit a nearby Aadhaar enrollment center or Aadhaar service center.

Q: Can Aadhaar card information be updated online without linking the mobile number?
A: No, to make any online updates to the Aadhaar card, you need to link your mobile number with it.

Q: How can I check if my mobile number is linked to my Aadhaar card or not?
A: To check if your mobile number is linked to your Aadhaar card, you can follow the above mentioned process, where we provide 2 methods to check mobile-aadhaar link status check.

Q: Charges for updating information in the Aadhaar card?
A: If you update a field or more in your Aadhaar card, the fee for Aadhaar update is ₹100 (if you are updating biometrics) and ₹50 (if you are updating only demographic information).

Q: How many Aadhaar cards can be linked to one mobile number?
A: You can link as many Aadhaar cards as want to a one mobile number.

Q: I have registered my mobile number with my Aadhaar. How can I link my Aadhaar card with my mobile number?
A: If you have registered your mobile number with your Aadhaar, your Aadhaar is already linked to your mobile number.

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