TS Congress 6 Guarantee Card Scheme 2024, Registration Open Now!

Telangana Congress Guarantee Card Yojana: This scheme was introduced by the Congress party in the state of Telangana as part of their manifesto ahead of the state elections. The announcement was made on September 18, 2023. The manifesto included six different schemes aimed at improving the standard of living in Telangana. The schemes mentioned are the Mahalaxmi scheme, Rythu Bharosa scheme, Indiramma housing scheme, Yuva Vikshasam scheme, and Gruha Jyoti scheme. The Congress party assured its supporters that if they were to come into power in Telangana, they would implement all these schemes.

Brief about Congress 6 Guarantee Yojana

Congress Guarantee Card registration online

On September 18, 2023, the ruling party in Telangana launched a manifesto, unveiling six different guarantee schemes. The Congress party aims to elevate the standard of living in the state of Telangana through these schemes. Eligible citizens in Telangana who wish to avail themselves of the benefits offered by these schemes can apply for the Congress Guarantee Card online. Registration for the Congress Guarantee Card is now open, and the six schemes encompass financial assistance, subsidies on gas cylinders, free travel expenses, and various other benefits.

Summary of Congress Guarantee Card Registration
Scheme NameCongress Guarantee Card
Scheme LevelState Level
BeneficiariesPermanent Citizens of Telangana
ObjectiveTo increase the standard of living Telangana’s state people

Congress Guarantee Card Registration Scheme’s Objective

The primary objective of the Congress Guarantee Scheme is to enhance the standard of living for the citizens of Telangana state. The Congress government introduced this scheme to garner support from the citizens of Telangana. Any citizen of Telangana can apply for the Congress Guarantee Card by visiting the official website and completing the registration form. Citizens will receive various benefits according to the different types of schemes provided by the Telangana government. The system aims to benefit those who are below the poverty line through its development.

List of all 6 Guarantee Schemes-

  • Mahalaxmi scheme,
  • Yuva Vikshasam scheme,
  • Rythu Bharosa scheme,
  • Indiramma Housing Scheme,
  • Cheyutha Scheme Telangana:
  • Gruha Jyoti scheme

Mahalaxmi Scheme:

The Congress party in Telangana has launched the Mahalaxmi scheme to empower women. Under this initiative, women will receive a monthly financial aid of INR 2500. Additionally, they’ll get a subsidy of INR 500 for gas cylinders and enjoy free travel in RTC buses. The primary goal is to improve the living standards of women, promoting their independence.

Telangana Yuva Vikasam Scheme:

The Yuva Vikasam Scheme supports students in Telangana. Beneficiaries will receive a student card and financial assistance of 5 lakh rupees for higher education. The scheme particularly benefits students facing financial constraints, with a focus on minority communities.

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Telangana Rythu Bharosa:

For farmers in Telangana, the Rythu Bharosa scheme promises financial assistance. Tenant farmers will get INR 15000, and agricultural laborers will receive INR 12000. The Congress government will also provide INR 500 for paddy crops. The scheme aims to support farmers financially, enhancing their agricultural practices.

Indiramma Indlu Housing Scheme:

The Indiramma Indlu Housing Scheme provides financial aid to those without homes in Telangana. Eligible individuals will receive Rs 5 lakh and a 250-square-feet plot. The benefits will be accessible if the Congress party wins the upcoming elections.

Cheyutha Scheme Telangana:

This scheme is for elderly individuals in Telangana who lack financial support. Beneficiaries will receive insurance coverage of up to 10 lakh and a monthly pension of INR 4000, promoting their well-being.

Telangana Gruha Jyothi Scheme:

The Gruha Jyoti Scheme offers free electricity to Telangana households, providing 200 free units. This initiative addresses rising electricity costs, ensuring uninterrupted power supply. Applicants can fill out the form on the official website to avail of this benefit.

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Congress Guarantee Card Registration Benefits

  • The Congress government in Telangana is introducing a Guarantee Card for all citizens, offering various benefits.
  • This card allows easy access to six different welfare schemes.
  • It ensures free electricity, pensions for the elderly, opportunities for students to pursue higher education, and support for women whose husbands have passed away.
  • The Guarantee Card aims to significantly improve the standard of living in Telangana, fostering overall development.

Congress Guarantee Card 2024: How to Register?

To apply for the Congress Guarantee Card, follow these steps:

1. Visit the official website of the Congress Guarantee Card once it is available.
2. On the homepage, explore information about the different government schemes.
3. Click on the link for the specific scheme you wish to apply for:
– Mahalaxmi scheme
– Rythu Bharosa scheme
– IndiraAmma housing scheme
– Cheyutha Scheme
– Yuva Vikas scheme
– Gruha Jyoti scheme
4. The application form will appear on your screen.
5. Complete the application form and upload all required documents.
6. Submit the application to apply for the scheme.

Please note that you should visit the official website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

FAQ’s about the Congress Guarantee Card Scheme

How to Apply for the Public Assurance Card?

The online platform for applying for a Public Assurance Card is currently under development and is expected to be launched soon.

How do I complete the application form for the Public Assurance Card?

The application form for the Public Assurance Card will be accessible on the official website once it is launched. Please stay tuned for updates on its availability.

What advantages does the Public Assurance Card offer?

The Public Assurance Card provides numerous benefits, including pension and health insurance coverage of up to 500,000 rupees.

Can I use the Public Assurance Card to pay for my school fees?

Yes, students can utilize the Public Assurance Card to receive financial assistance of 5 lakh rupees, supporting them in pursuing higher education.

Is it possible to obtain the Public Assurance Card through offline means?

Individuals interested in obtaining information about the Public Assurance Card in Telangana state can visit their nearest government office for assistance.

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