Payment for Cost of Living: Important Date, Benefits, and Eligibility

The UK government has announced that, as part of its £900 cost-of-living support plan, it will give £300 to low-income households in November. Most recipients of Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) benefits will receive this payment between October 31, 2023, and November 19, 2023.

Cost of Living Payment

By November 19th, around eight million people, including Universal Credit recipients, will receive £300 directly into their bank accounts without needing to make a claim. This is the second payment of three, making up a total of £900. All eligible recipients will receive the payment directly into their bank accounts. Beware of potential fraud attempts, as scammers may try to deceive individuals into providing personal information.

Payments are being provided to specific groups to help cope with rising expenses, including:

1. Three installments totaling £900, with one payment made in spring, another by November 19, and the third in spring 2024 for households receiving means-tested assistance.
2. Winter payments of £300 for elderly families and £150 for those receiving certain disability allowances.

There is no need to apply for these cost-of-living payments. If you qualify, your payment will be made in the same way you usually receive your benefits or tax credits. These payments are not subject to taxation and will not affect your existing benefits or tax credits.

Benefits of Income Payment for Cost of Living

If you are eligible for any of the benefits or tax credits listed below on specific dates, you may qualify for up to three Cost of Living Payments of £301, £300, and £299:

1. Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA)
2. Pension Credit
3. Universal Credit
4. Child Tax Credit
5. Working Tax Credit
6. Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

The cost of living has started to increase alongside the rising prices of goods and services. This surge in living expenses is creating challenges for many people across various parts of the United Kingdom. The UK government introduced the Cost of Living Payments to assist citizens during these times.

Eligibility for the £300 Cost of Living Payment:

  1. Universal Credit Eligibility:
    • If you were supposed to get a Universal Credit payment (or later found to be eligible) for an assessment period between August 18, 2023, and September 17, 2023, you qualify for the £300 Cost of Living Payment.
  2. Income-Based Benefits Eligibility (Income Support, Pension Credit, Income-Based ESA, and Income-Based JSA):
    • If you were entitled to a payment (or later determined to be entitled) of income-based JSA, income-related ESA, Income Support, or Pension Credit on any day between August 18, 2023, and September 17, 2023, you are eligible for the £300 Cost of Living Payment.
  3. Tax Credits Eligibility:
    • If you received a tax credits payment on any day between August 18, 2023, and September 17, 2023, or if you receive a payment later for any day within that period, you are entitled to the £300 Cost of Living Payment.

Even if your benefit payment is between one cent and nine pence or you do not receive a benefit payment on a specific day during this period, you are still eligible.

Important Dates for 2023 Cost of Living Payments

There are three total payments, and this is the second one. Those receiving tax credits, Universal Credit, etc., are eligible for these benefits. Most eligible recipients will receive:

  • £301 if you receive DWP benefits, paid between April 25, 2023, and May 17, 2023.
  • If you receive tax credits, you will receive £301 between May 2 and May 9, 2023. Only £350 will be paid if you receive DWP benefits between October 31 and November 19.
  • If you receive tax credits, £300 will be paid between November 10 and November 19.
  • £299 will be paid in the spring of 2024.

How do Cost Of Living payments work?

Each payment, whether you’re single or in a relationship, will be made only once because it’s for the household and not the individual.

  • The £650 for 2022 was divided into two installments: £326 in the first instance and £324 in the second.
  • The £900 for 2023–2024 will be given in three installments: £301 for the first, £300 for the second, and £299 for the third.
  • You won’t need to apply; payments will be deposited directly into your bank account whenever available.

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