FMGE December 2023: Online Registration Process Starts, Apply Now

The National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences (NBEMS) has started accepting applications for the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) December 2023, you can apply until October 25 on the NMC’s official website.

FMGE is a test given twice a year. It’s for both Indians and people from other countries who want permission from the Medical Council of India (MCI) or State Medical Council (SMC) to practice medicine in India. The exam checks if foreign medical graduates meet the required standards.

FMGE December 2023 Exam: Registration Date

FMGE December 2023 registration

FMGE December 2023: The National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences is starting the process for FMGE 2023 today. If you want to take the FMGE December 2023 exam, you can fill out the form on NBE’s official website, which is The link to apply will be open from 9 a.m. today. You can apply for FMGE Decenver 2023 until October 25 if you’re eligible. The application window will close at 6 p.m.

The NMC (National Medical Commission) holds the Foreign Medical Graduate Exam twice a year. This test is for both Indian and overseas folks who want to get permission to practice or study medicine in India from the Medical Council of India (MCI) or State Medical Council (SMC).

The FMGE, or Foreign Medical Graduate Exam, is also known as the Screening Test for Foreign Medical Graduates. It was introduced in 2002 through the Screening Test Regulations.

FMGE December 2023

The rules say, “If you’re an Indian citizen or an Overseas citizen of India and you got your main medical degree from a foreign medical school after March 15, 2002, you must pass a test to officially register with the Medical Council of India or a State Medical Council.”

The National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences (NBEMS) is the group in charge of running this test as per the 2002 rules. They organize the test, tell us how everyone did, and share the results with the National Medical Commission and all the State Medical Councils.

You must be an Indian citizen or an Overseas Citizen of India with a medical degree recognised by the Indian Embassy to apply for the FMGE. Also, the final results for your main medical degree have to be announced on or before a certain date for the FMG Examination.

Only candidate who meet the rules can take the FMGE. Those who qualify have an Eligibility Certificate (if it’s needed) and a Provisional Pass Certificate/Degree Certificate for their main medical degree.

If you clear the FMGE, you’ll receive a special Screening Test Pass Certificate from NBEMS. They’ll check your face and your documents during the exam to make sure it’s really you.

You can find lots of helpful stuff on the NBEMS website, like the Information Bulletin for FMGE, links for applying online, guidelines for applying, where you can log in if you’re an applicant, notices about FMGE, and the results of FMG Exams.

The FMGE test is tentatively set for December 2023, as per the official notice. To apply for the screening test, you need to have that special eligibility certificate from NMC.

If you’re confused about your application, you can drop NMC a message at [email protected] or [email protected]. That’s what the official notice from NMC tells us.

How to apply for FMGE December 2023

To apply online for FMGE December 2023, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the official website of the National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences (NBEMS) at

Step 2: If you don’t have an account already, you’ll need to make one. It’s usually just about giving your email, making a password, and checking your email.

Step 3: After making your account, log in using your email and password.

Step 4: Once you’re logged in, find the form to apply for FMGE December 2023. It might be under “Apply for FMGE” or a similar section on the website.

Step 5: Fill in the application form with all the info they ask for, like your personal details, educational background, and other necessary stuff.

Step 6: After you’ve done the form, you’ll probably need to pay the application fee. Once they confirm your payment, submit your application. They’ll give you a confirmation or application number that you might need later.

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