Karwa Chauth Vrat 2023 Date, Shubh Mahurat, Vrat-Puja Vidhi, History & Significance

Karva Chauth Vart 2023 is coming up. It’s mostly for married ladies. This is an exciting and hopeful time to celebrate love, trust, and happiness in marriage. If you’ve ever been curious about this special day, no need to search anymore. Karwa Chauth in 2023 falls on November 1st, 2023, which is a Wednesday. According to the Hindu calendar, this day happens during the time when the moon is getting smaller in the month of Kartika, about nine days before Diwali.

Karwa Chauth 2023 Date

Karwa Chauth fasting celebrate in the Hindu month of Kartik during Krishna Paksha Chaturthi. But, in places like Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Southern India, they follow the Amanta calendar, which shows that Ashwin month is what counts for Karwa Chauth 2023 Date. The date is the same across all states; only the month name differs.

On this day, there’s also Sankashti Chaturthi, a special day for fasting dedicated to Lord Ganesha, and it falls on Karwa Chauth 2023 Date. Married women keep the fast and follow the rituals in the hopes that their husbands will live a long life. They keep fast whole day from sunrise to evening and break their fast after seeing the moon. They worship Lord Shiva and His family, including Ganesha. Fasting is a big part of Karwa Chauth.

History and Significance of Karva Chauth Fast

We don’t have clear records about when this festival began. Many stories from the Bhagwad Gita suggest that Karva Chauth goes way back in time. One of the most famous tales is about Queen Veeravati. She was so devoted that her seven brothers used a mirror to trick her into thinking the moon had risen, so she would end her first Karva Chauth fast. When she later learned her husband had passed away, it broke her heart. She cried until a deity revealed her brothers’ trick. She then completed the ritual, which made Yama release her husband’s spirit.

The Mahabharata links this day to Arjuna leaving the Pandavas for the Nilgiris. During his absence, the Pandavas faced many problems. To seek help, Draupadi turned to Lord Krishna, who advised her to fast for her husband. She followed his advice, and it helped the Pandavas resolve their issues. Many stories about the festival’s beginnings involve devoted wives like Karwa Satyavan and Savitri.

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Celebrations of Karva Chauth Vrat 2023 Across India

On this day, married women celebrate their weddings by dressing like brides and putting on henna (Mehandi). They start fasting in the morning and go without food and water all day until they spot the moon. In the evening, they worship and tell stories about how Karwa Chauth began. To break their fast, they offer water first to the moon and then to their husbands when the moon shows up.

After that, husbands give their wives water and a special treat to end their fast. It’s also quite common for husbands and in-laws to give gifts to married women as a sign of their love and blessings. In some parts of India, unmarried women also fast on this day, hoping to find their perfect life partner.

Places in India where Karva Chauth fast is celebrated the most.

Karwa Chauth fast is celebrated mostly by women living in North India. In North India, the fast of Karva Chauth has its own special significance. In some states of Northern India like Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi etc., women celebrate it with great enthusiasm every year.

Karwa Chauth 2023: Mahurat Time

This year, the special Karwa Chauth falls on Tuesday, October 31. The good time to do your prayers is from 5:59 p.m. to 7:13 p.m. on that Tuesday, October 31. That gives you just an hour in this period to do your prayers. The prayers are seen as complete only when both your spouse and the moon in the sky can be seen. On Karwa Chauth day, the moon will rise between 8:00 and 8:40 p.m.

Karaka Chaturthi is a Public Holiday or Not?

Karva Chauth, also known as Karaka Chaturthi, is a choice you can make. In India, workers can pick a few days off from a list based on the laws that apply to holidays and employment. On this day, most offices and businesses usually stay open, but some employees might choose to stay home.

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