Kerala Lottery Result TODAY (2 December, 2023) LIVE: Check Karunya KR 630 Lucky Draw Result

Today, on December 02, 2023, Kerala Lottery Result Today Live  let’s talk about the Kerala Lottery Result for Fifty Fifty FF 74 The Kerala Lottery is a really old and famous lottery thing in our country.

Back when it all started, you could buy a Kerala Lottery Ticket for just Rs.1, and if you won, you’d get Rs. 50000! That was a big deal. But now, things have stepped up. The Kerala Lottery Department throws big Kerala Bumper Lotteries on special days and festivals. And guess what? You can check who won on

This page will give you all the details about Kerala Lottery Results. We keep it super updated, so as soon as the Kerala Lottery Department puts out the results on its official website, you can check it here.

Today, November 02, 2023, the Kerala Lottery Karunya KR 630 Result will be available on this page before it is available on other websites. You will also know what to do if you win the Kerala State Lottery Prize Money. We have also explained how to claim the winnings on this page. So keep reading until the end. If you have any concerns, please share them in the comments.

Kerala Karunya KR 630 Lottery Result Today (December 02, 2023): LIVE

Organizer NameGovernment of Kerala State
Game TypeLottery Game
Name of DepartmentThe Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries
Head QuarterThiruvananthapuram, Kerala
AddressVikas Bhavan P.O.,Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala – 695033
Phone Number or Contact Number0471-2305193, 0471-2305230, 0471-2301741, 0471-2301740(Fax)
Official Emails[email protected] , [email protected]
Kerala Lottery Result Declaration ModeOnline
Kerala Lottery Result Declaration Timing3 pm to 4 pm
Official Website

Let’s talk about the Kerala Lottery Result on December 02, 2023. The Kerala Lotteries Department is all set up in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. They do these lottery draws every single day, seven days a week.

So, Kerala has these seven different lotteries they draw every week. They’re called Win, Sthree Sakthi SS, Akshaya, Karunya Plus, Nirmal, Karunya, Pournami, and Bhagyamithra. In these lotteries, there are like 6 to 7 different kinds of prizes. It’s like, you can win different stuff in different lotteries.

Kerala Lottery 2nd December 2023 Result: Karunya KR 630 Winner Names

1st Prize-Rs.8,000,000/- (80 Lakh)
KC 172877
Agent Name:
Agency No.:
 Consolation Prize – Rs.8,000/-
KA 172877 KB 172877
KD 172877 KE 172877
KF 172877 KG 172877
KH 172877 KJ 172877
KK 172877 KL 172877 KM 172877
2nd Prize –Rs.5,00,000/- (5 Lakhs)
KB 612899
Agent Name:
Agency No.:
3rd Prize – Rs.100,000/- [1 Lakh]
KA 760174
KB 529450
KC 788953
KD 367713
KE 790724
KF 869757
KG 925133
KH 680865
KJ 792200
KK 587603
KL 558494
KM 539481
4th Prize – Rs.5,000/-
0548 0901 1004 1534 1805 2701 3277 3318 4999 5124 5533 5555 6990 7041 8086 8982 9039 9964
5th Prize –Rs.2,000/-
1325 1574 2961 5050 5952 6458 6473 7751 9045 9139
6th Prize – Rs.1,000/-
6594 1002 3103 2874 1783 8390 7404 1588 0607 0628 8677 6416 6288 3838
7th Prize –Rs.500/-
7009 0780 4941 5741 6999 9573 9566 4421 7521 8712 0416 7722 4575 1273 4383 1355 3271 3471 3892 0205 2630 9394 3132 8307 5595 4040 7691 5818 9962 6759 0437 9295 3261 7814 2477 8641 4038 2241 7541 9160 6441 2013 1171 6871 7547 7721 4182 5764 9537 2240 7794 7244 6921 4204…

Note: Every day at 3 pm, you can find out the Kerala lottery result on the official website of the Kerala State Government, which is This website is like the go-to place for all things Kerala Lottery. You can check out today’s result, yesterday’s result, the 2023 result chart, the big Kerala Bumper Lottery results, and even get info on Kerala Lottery Agents, Rules, and more. It’s like a one-stop-shop for everything about Kerala Lotteries.

LIVE Kerala Lottery Result Today Karunya KR 630

Watch out for the LIVE Kerala Lottery Result Today Winners List! Every week, The Directorate of Kerala State releases 07 different lotteries. And guess what? There’s this special one called Bhagyamithra that comes out only on the 1st Sunday of the month.

Loads of people get help with money through these Kerala Lotteries and the best part? The price of a Kerala lottery ticket is really small.

But wait, there’s more! The Kerala Lottery Department throws a big party once a year called the Bumper Lottery. The prize for this one is crazy high, and they do it only once a year. So, if you’re feeling lucky, you can grab a Kerala Ticket and maybe win anywhere from ₹100 to a whopping ₹80,00,000 in prize money.

കേരള ലോട്ടറി ഫലം 2023 PDF Today

02 December 2023KR 630Check Here
Nirmal01 December 2023NR 357Check Here
Karunya Plus30 November 2023KN 498Check Here
Fifty Fifty29 November 2023FF 74Check Here
Sthree Sakthi28 November 2023SS 391Check Here
Win Win 27 November 2023W 745Check Here
Akshaya26 November 2023AK 627Check Here
Karunya25 November 2023KR 629Check Here
Nirmal24 November 2023NR 356Check Here

Steps to check the Kerala Lottery Result Chart Today or Yesterday

If you purchased a lottery ticket from a Kerala State Lotteries agency and are now looking for the Kerala Karunya KR 630 Lottery Result Today, we’ve got you covered. Simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the official website of the Director of Kerala State Lotteries, which is
  2. Find the “Result View” link on the homepage.
  3. Select “Result” from the dropdown menu.
  4. You’ll find a list of the most recent Kerala Lottery Draw Results.
  5. Choose the link with your Lottery Name and Date, then click “View” next to it.
  6. At the end, the Kerala Lottery Result in PDF format will appear on your screen.

Procedure to Claim the Winning Amount for Kerala Lottery

Let’s go through how you can get your money if you win the Kerala State Lottery. To begin, you have 30 days from the draw to turn in your winning ticket and all required documents.

If you have won up to 1 lakh, you can now claim your prize at the District Lottery Offices. It’s essentially a one-stop shop for claiming your winnings.

Prize MoneyDeposit Claim Form to
₹5,000 or lowerTicket Agent
₹1,00,000 or lowerDepartment of District Lottery Offices
₹1,00,000 or Below (Other States)Department of Directorate
₹1,00,000 or AboveDepartment of Director of State Lotteries
₹1 Lakh to ₹20 LakhsDepartment of Deputy Director
₹20 Lakhs and AboveDepartment of Director

If you win more than ₹1 Lakh in the lottery, here’s what you need to do:

1. Hand over the winning ticket to the Director of State Lotteries.
2. Sign, and put your name and address on the back of the ticket.
3. Attach the following documents:
– A claim application with a self-attested photocopy of both sides of the ticket.
– Two passport-size photos of you, okayed by a Gazetted Officer/Notary.
– A receipt for the prize money with a ₹1/- revenue stamp.
– A self-attested copy of your PAN Card.
– Copies of ID proof like Aadhaar Card, Ration Card, Driver’s License, Passport, Voter ID Card.

Have any questions about the Live Kerala Lottery Result Today or how to claim your winnings? Drop a comment below. Thanks!

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