Martha Stewart Opens Up About Botox and Fillers “Embracing Timeless Beauty Without Age Constraints”

The lifestyle mogul engages in an open discussion about aging with her cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Dan Belkin, on the season 2 premiere of her iHeartRadio podcast.

Martha Stewart is causing quite a stir online with her stunning photos. Now, the legendary octogenarian is sharing her secrets to staying radiant.

In the season 2 premiere of her iHeartPodcasts’ popular show, The Martha Stewart Podcast, which aired on Feb. 8, the lifestyle mogul and America’s first self-made billionaire, aged 82, gets real about her cosmetic procedures.

Listeners can catch new episodes every Wednesday, where Stewart engages in deep conversations with a range of guests from different backgrounds. Previous guests have included Kris Jenner and Stewart’s close friend Snoop Dogg.

In the latest episode, Stewart has an honest chat with her cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Dan Belkin, whom she met through her daughter, Alexis Stewart. They discuss botox, fillers, skin tightening, and Stewart’s perspective on aging and staying youthful.

“In the episode, I notice everyone is so intrigued when I post a selfie online,” she shares. “Many comments focus on whether I’ve had a facelift, who performed it, when it was done, and how much retouching the photo has. I just want to clear things up.”

During the conversation, Dr. Belkin explains the various treatments he provides for Stewart, such as muscle-relaxing injections in her neck and jawline, as well as the types of fillers used in her cheeks.

Stewart also confesses that getting botox on the upper part of her face hasn’t always turned out as she hoped. “My eyebrows kind of go up in a V, and that looks so unnatural,” she admits.

During the conversation, Stewart, who considers Alastin tinted moisturizer one of her top hero products, even questions if she’s had skin tightening done before (which she has). “I don’t even know what I’ve had,” she jokes.

“We’ve done a bit of skin tightening on you,” Belkin confirms. “We’ve used ultrasound tightening, including softwave and Ulthera, which are ultrasound-based devices known for their skin-tightening effects.”

Stewart also shares her candid thoughts on aging: “I don’t dwell on age much, but I definitely don’t want to look my age. That’s why I put in the effort,” she explains. She emphasizes her focus on exercise and maintaining a healthy diet.

Previously, Stewart used her podcast to address criticism regarding her groundbreaking Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover. At 81, she made history as the oldest model to grace the coveted front spot.

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