Afterthoughts: The Morose Mononokean Manga (Final)

I can’t believe it – Fukigen na Mononokean just… ENDED??? I’m about to share my thoughts, so if you haven’t started or finished the manga, you might want to skip this.

First of all, I’m not even upset about the ending, which was CLEARLY LEFT OPEN. It felt rather abrupt, didn’t it? There was so much potential to continue the story, so why did it conclude that way? I understand, there might have been other reasons for this sudden ending, but it’s quite disheartening. The Morose Mononokean had such fantastic characters and world-building that it could have continued for a bit longer, at least.

The Morose Mononokean Manga Ending

I was absolutely shocked by how abrupt this was. I hadn’t heard any news about the story ending, mainly because I haven’t been on Twitter much lately, but still, isn’t this just too sudden? We literally only resolved a major mystery that was driving the plot not too long ago, maybe just a couple of chapters ago. Why did it have to end so suddenly?

And the ending was really OPEN, too. Abeno hardly made an appearance in the ending, even though he played such a HUGE ROLE throughout the story. Not to mention the other beloved side characters like Yahiko. In the very last chapter, we discover that Ashiya has lost his ability to see demons but can still see Fuzzy? And Abeno says, “I’ll wait for you until you can see demons again.” They shake hands, and it ends with a page of Ashiya just walking off with Fuzzy, saying he will reunite with everyone. NO WAIT, COME BACK, WHAT?

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The Morose Mononokean was (and still is, I think) one of my favorite series ever. It got everything right, but why did it suddenly end? I didn’t even have time to prepare myself *cries an ocean.* I don’t want to call this a bad ending, but it leaves a bad taste, if nothing else. Can’t we at least have proper endings for everyone? Is that too much to ask *CRIES.*

This was a story I could return to now and then for comfort, but now that I know the ending, (THEN AGAIN, DO I REALLY KNOW THE ENDING? CAN THAT EVEN BE CONSIDERED AN ENDING) I can’t even go back and be excited for what’s to come. I’m really so shocked I can’t even begin to explain it — THIS IS SO SAD. I WASN’T EXPECTING THIS. This story was one of those I could look forward to every time there was an update, but now you’re telling me it’s over? And it’s an open ending? I’m not okay……

There’s nothing else I can say… I just love(d) The Morose Mononokean, and it will probably stay on my top list despite this sad (I won’t say disappointing) ending. I’ll forever miss Ashiya and Abeno. Thanks for letting me come along on this journey, guys!

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