Rash Mela 2023 Date Coochbehar Date and Time, West Bengal Rash Yatra

Rash Mela 2023 Date: The Rash Mela in West Bengal is a grand celebration of Sri Krishna and Radha’s particular love. This month-long event begins soon before the Rash Yatra. Rash Yatra is held on the full moon day of Kartik month. It’s like a parade of clay figurines of Lord Krishna and Radha. The procession depicts Lord Krishna’s life, all of the amazing things he accomplished, and his miracles.

The Rash Mela is a famous fair that happens every year in Nabadwip, Cooch Behar, and Sundarbans. When the full moon night in Kartik arrives, you’ll see people totally into the love of Radha and Krishna.

In 2023, the Rash Mela begins on 19th November. This festival lasts for a whole month, starting from the special full moon night and going on until the next full moon. It’s a time when everyone comes together to celebrate the awesome bond between Radha and Krishna.

West Bengal Rash Mela 2023

West Bengal Rash Yatra
West Bengal Rash Yatra

The best part of Raas Mela in West Bengal is the Rass Yatra of Shri Krishna. Here, “Rash” means when Shri Krishna joins in with the gopinis, and they all dance and sing in what’s called Rash Lila. And the word “Mela” means when Shri Krishna meets up with the Gopis. This cool festival happens in different cities, but it’s super famous in Nabadwip, Cooch Behar, and Sundarbans.

Rash Mela 2023 Date19 November 2023
LocationCooch Behar & Sundarbans area in Bengal


This festival makes me think of the times when Lord Krishna hung out in Vrindavan with Radha and his pals. The big thing that tourists love is the Yatra, where they show clay models of both Lord Krishna and Radha Ji. It tells the whole story of Shri Krishna’s life and all the different things he did. In November, people from different places come to Cooch Behar to enjoy this carnival and buy stuff from the different stalls. Even regular folks can do some shopping during the Ras Mela in West Bengal.

West Bengal Rash Mela History

Rash Yatra is extremely important in the holy texts. When autumn is almost over, there is a special party where Sri Krishna dances and sings with the Gopinis, which is known as Rash Lila. The word ‘Mela’ means ‘get-together.’ People of all faiths come together to celebrate Radha and Krishna’s incredible love. The king of Nadia, Krishna Chandra Roy, organizes the Rash Yatra in Nabadwip. The royal family of Cooch Behar initiates this cool fair in their city.

Rash Mela Celebrations

Rash Mela is a popular annual Bengali festival dedicated to Lord Krishna and his eternal love, Sri Radhika. It begins a month after the Rash Yatra, a large march commemorating Lord Krishna’s head over heels love affair with Radha in Vrindavan. This is a large gathering, with people traveling from all over to attend.

At the festival, you’ll see idols, twinkling lights, sola ornaments, and amazing shows like Daker Saaj, where they play special drums and music on flutes, banjos, and mridangas. There are also cultural performances, which give West Bengal singers, dancers, and musicians a platform. There are also tasty food stalls, a variety of local crafts, and interesting items for sale. The festival is like a one-of-a-kind experience that truly elevates your spiritual feelings.

Main Attractions Things Of Rash Mela

  • Rash Carnival 2023 will feature a variety of cultural programs featuring solo dancers and musicians.
  • Rash Yatra
  • The food stalls serve a variety of Bengali dishes and cuisines.
  • Handcrafted items are available for purchase.
  • Flute and banjo music
  • Rash Mela features a variety of food stalls and street food options.

How will Rash Mela be reached?

West Bengal has excellent air, rail, and road connectivity. Though the entire state celebrates, Cooch Behar, Nabadwip, and the Sunderbans are the most popular destinations. Get to Kolkata, the capital city. Make plans to visit any of the three locations.

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