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TN EMIS School Login: Tamil Nadu has recently made a special online place to handle info about students, schools, and all the staff (teachers and others). Schools can share important details with the state education department on their official website or the TN EMIS App. Students can use the website for online courses, training, videos, and more, thanks to the Tamil Nadu government’s smart move. Teachers can also give top-notch lessons through the site. Each school has a unique 8-digit code called an EMIS number. Both teachers and students can use this online portal. For all the info on TN EMIS, like what it’s about, why it’s there, how it works, and its perks, read on below.

TN EMIS School Portal Login or Register

The Tamil Nadu government has set up the TN EMIS Portal to make sure students get the best education. All the basic details about every student are stored in one central place. The Tamil Nadu government’s education department has given the responsibility to teachers to provide the best education to children. Before starting class, it’s important for teachers to review the curriculum and course materials. Students are sometimes asked to go through their study materials as well. Both teachers and students need to do this. The Tamil Nadu Teachers Platform (TNTP) portal by the school education government has helpful e-learning materials.

emis.tnschools.gov.in Student/Teachers Loing Overview

Portal NameTN EMIS
Portal URL Addresshttps://emis.tnschools.gov.in/
Full NameTamil Nadu Educational Management Information System is
Useful ForState Students and Teachers
StateTamil Nadu
Main Objective to Objectiveto give students with high-quality instruction and to store online data
Helpline Number(044) 2567-2790

Main Objective to Start TN EMIS Portal

Teachers can join training modules and teach students using the e-learning method. The use of advanced technology also helps students improve their learning skills. The website provides e-learning content that meets standards, including lessons, practical materials, videos, interactive elements, simulations, online courses, training modules, and more. Students can access interactive videos, details about online courses, various practice and simulation resources, and mock tests related to their studies. In a nutshell, the site offers a wide range of e-learning materials to enhance the learning experience.

Features of TN EMIS Portal

  • The Education Management Information System (EMIS) in Tamil Nadu is like a big storage of information. It has details about every student, staff member, and school all in one place.
  • To check out what’s going on with a specific school, you’ll need its special code. Each school gets its own unique code.
  • For a school to be part of this system, the Headmaster has to sign up. Once they do, they get the login details, like a username and password.
  • With these login details, you can use the EMIS app to keep an eye on and update student attendance.
  • The portal also shows the school schedule, so you know when classes are happening according to the Students Timetable.


TN EMIS comes with some great advantages:

  1. Digital Resources Access: Teachers in Tamil Nadu can get their hands on digital resources all in one place, thanks to a shared repository.
  2. Information Hub: The school management shares important things like the curriculum, class schedule, announcements, and revision material on this portal.
  3. Professional Progress Tracking: There’s a system in place to keep track of how well teachers are doing professionally.
  4. Special Identification: Each teacher gets a unique identification number linked to the state curriculum.

Procedure to Register on TN EMIS School Portal

In each school, there’s a special login ID, and teachers can use it to get into the portal and put in important information about themselves. It’s like having a high-tech way to keep track of how things are going in Tamil Nadu’s education system, all without drowning in paperwork.

Here’s the drill:

  1. EMIS Registration: Every school in Tamil Nadu is part of EMIS. When you log in to the TN EMIS website, they set up your own username and password.
  2. Who to Contact: If you need to get onto the TNTP website, you can reach out to specific people:
    • School Principal/Headmaster: They take care of the school building, watch over how students and teachers are doing, and track attendance.
    • Chief Education Officer (CEO): They supervise all the schools in the district after inspections.
    • Block Education Officer (BEO): After inspections, the BEO keeps an eye on all the schools in the block.
    • District Education Officer (DEO): Like the CEO and BEO, the DEO also looks after schools but follows district inspection rules.
  3. Access Credentials: The Head Master (HM) at your school can give teachers the details they need to get into the system.

emis.tnschools.gov.in Login: Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to log in to the TN EMIS Portal, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Official Website:
  2. Homepage Access:
    • Once you’re there, the homepage will pop up on your screen.
  3. Login Information:
    • Look for the login section.
    • Enter your username and password in the provided spaces.
  4. Login Button:
    • Click on the login button.

By following these steps, you’ll be logged in and ready to go on the TN EMIS Portal.

Process to Reset the Forgotten Password

If you’ve forgotten your password and need to reset it on the TN EMIS Portal, here’s what you can do:

  1. Visit the Official Website:
    • Go to the TN EMIS Portal’s official website.
  2. Access the Homepage:
    • Once there, the homepage will show up.
  3. Forget Password Option:
    • Look for the “Forget Password” option under the Login tab.
  4. New Page:
    • Clicking on that will take you to a new page.
  5. User Type:
    • Now, choose your user type, whether you’re a School or a Teacher.
  6. Enter Username:
    • Put in your username.
  7. Submit Request:
    • Click on the “Submit Request” button.

After your BRTE / Block coordinator gives the green light, your new password will be sent to the email you registered with.

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