Vasubaras 2023: Today is the first day of Diwali Vasubaras; learn about the worship method

Happy Diwali 2023: The Navratri festival wraps up with Dussehra, and once that’s done, we’re all excited for Diwali. Diwali is all about joy, lights, and good vibes. Everyone’s really looking forward to it.

This year’s Diwali started today and will go on till November 15. It kicks off with Vasubaras. Today, on November 9th, which is a Thursday, we celebrate Vasubaras. So, how do you do the worship for Vasubaras? What’s the right time for it? Let’s find out.

Vasubaras Worship 2023

Vasubaras marks the start of Diwali. This year, it falls on November 9, which is today. People are all set to celebrate Vasubaras everywhere. On this day, we worship a cow and her calf. After the worship, we offer Godadhoda to them.

What is the proper way to worship Vasubaras?

Today is Vasubaras, also known as Rama Ekadashi during Ashwin Krishna Paksha. In the evening, people worship the cow and calf with the hope of inviting Goddess Lakshmi to their homes.

During the cow-calf puja, housewives pour water on their feet and apply turmeric-kunku and akshata. If someone has cows at home, they cook Puranpoli on Vasubaras. After offering kunku-turmeric and Akshada to the cow and calf, they wave them with Niranjana and feed them Puranpoli.

To kick off Diwali, a beautiful rangoli is drawn in the courtyard, and lamps are lit. The first Diwali lamp is lit on this day. Additionally, Udda Vada, rice, and sweets are a must. These treats are offered to the cows and calves. The festival is celebrated with great excitement, marking the vibrant start of Diwali.

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