Gorakhpur Mahotsav 2024 Tickets Price, Booking, Registration For Talent Hunt and Celebraties List

Gorakhpur Mahotsav 2024 Registration: Get ready for the much-anticipated Gorakhpur Mahotsav 2024, scheduled to take place from January 11th to January 13th. This year’s extravaganza promises an array of live performances by renowned celebrities, adding a touch of glamour and excitement to the festivities. For those eagerly awaiting the Gorakhpur Mahotsav, this article provides a comprehensive guide, featuring details about the program schedule, celebrity performances, dates, and venues.

The Uttar Pradesh government has left no stone unturned in making preparations for the upcoming Gorakhpur Mahotsav. Set to unfold from January 11th to January 30th, 2024, at the picturesque Ramgarh Taal Champa Devi Park and Numaesh Ground, this event is poised to be a cultural extravaganza. Attendees can look forward to a diverse range of performances, spanning music, dance, and cultural showcases.

In addition to the main Mahotsav, the festivities kick off with the Khel Mahotsav and Cultural Mahotsav at the Gram Panchayat and district levels, setting the stage for a vibrant and engaging celebration. Stay tuned for an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of Gorakhpur’s rich cultural heritage.

Gorakhpur Mahotsav 2024 Registration

Gorakhpur Mahotsav Registration

Name of eventGorakhpur Mahotsav
Year 2024
Type of eventmusic dance and cultural performances
Date 11th to 13th January
VenueRamgarh Taal, Champa Devi Park, and Numaesh ground

The Uttar Pradesh government for taking a commendable step towards promoting local talent on the grand stage! Gorakhpur Mahotsav 2024 is not just about renowned celebrities; it’s a platform that shines a spotlight on the rich cultural tapestry of local artists. This initiative showcases the incredible diversity of talent, featuring a lineup of performances by both local gems and well-known artists.

For a comprehensive overview of the Gorakhpur Mahotsav 2024 program list, including details of cultural performances by local and famous artists, be sure to check out the complete schedule. Get ready to witness a celebration that not only embraces the glamour of celebrity performances but also honors and celebrates the cultural richness and talent within the local community.

Gorakhpur Mahotsav 2024: Program List

There are many famous artists like B Praak, Jubin Nautiyal, Kumar Sanu, Udit Narayan, and Shreya Ghoshal to perform live.

11th JanuaryBollywood night
12th JanuaryBhojpuri night
13th Januarybhajan night

Gear up for an unforgettable Bollywood night as the stage comes alive with stellar performances by none other than the sensational Jubin Nautiyal and the soulful B Praak. Get ready to be swept off your feet as these famous artists grace the event with their captivating live performances.

The Bollywood Night promises to be a star-studded affair with additional live performances by the legendary Kumar Sanu, the melodious Udit Narayan, and the enchanting Shreya Ghoshal. It’s a musical fiesta that brings together some of the most iconic voices in the industry, ensuring a night filled with soul-stirring melodies and timeless hits.

Mark your calendars for this extraordinary Bollywood Night, where the magic of music and the charm of these renowned artists will create an atmosphere of pure entertainment and joy. Don’t miss out on this spectacular event that celebrates the magic of Bollywood music!

Gorakhpur Mahotsav 2024 Celebrity list

As highlighted earlier, get ready for a spectacular Bollywood night featuring live performances by the renowned artists Jubin Nautiyal and B Praak. Brace yourselves for an evening filled with soulful melodies and electrifying beats as these stars take center stage.

While Jubin Nautiyal and B Praak have been confirmed, the lineup of other famous artists is still under wraps, adding an element of suspense and excitement to the event.

For those eager to be part of Gorakhpur Mahotsav, the Uttar Pradesh Government has extended invitations for applications across various categories. If you wish to participate, consider submitting your application for the following categories:

1. Inter-school competition
2. Talent Hunt
3. Commercial/Food Stall
4. Online Half Marathon Registration

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this vibrant celebration! Submit your applications and get ready for a cultural extravaganza like never before.

Gorakhpur Mahotsav 2024 registration online

Know Here, How to Apply for Gorakhpur Mahotsav: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re eager to be a part of the Gorakhpur Mahotsav and showcase your talents, follow these simple steps to complete the online application:

  1. Visit the Official Website:
    Head to the official website dedicated to Gorakhpur Mahotsav.
  2. Select Online Application:
    On the homepage, locate and select the online application section specifically for Gorakhpur Mahotsav.
  3. Choose Your Category:
    From the available categories, choose the one you wish to apply for.
  4. Select the Option:
    Once you’ve chosen your category, select the appropriate option to proceed.
  5. Login with School ID:
    To complete your login, enter your school ID and any other required details.
  6. Complete Registration:
    Provide all the necessary details as prompted to finalize your registration.

By following these straightforward steps, you can successfully submit your online application for Gorakhpur Mahotsav and be part of this vibrant and cultural celebration. Don’t miss the chance to showcase your talents on this grand platform!

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