Mission Gaganyaan: As ISRO said “First Test Flight is Launched on October 21”

The first test flight of Gaganyaan Mission, where they’ll take the crew module up to 17 kilometers to test how the crew can escape during the flight. As ISRO Chairman S Somanath said Gaganyaan Test Flight is ready to launch for October 21 from 7 am to 9 am. They will also practice recovering the crew module after it splashes down in the Bay of Bengal during this mission.

In this mission, a one-stage rocket that uses liquid fuel will carry a crew module without pressure, simulating the real module that will carry Indian astronauts in terms of size and weight.

An official mentioned that they’ll plan a second test mission only after they study the data from the first one. If everything goes well, they’ll move forward with the second mission. But if there are any issues, they’ll have to fix them before proceeding with the next test.

Gaganyaan Test Flight Date | When gaganyaan will launch?

Mission Gaganyaan Launch date

India’s Gaganyaan project, which aims to send humans to space, is all set for its first test flight. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has shared that the launch of an unmanned crew module will take place on October 21, from Sriharikota in the morning.

This mission, known as TV-D1, is scheduled between 7 am and 9 am. It will happen at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre. The purpose of this test is to show how well the crew escape system works in case of an emergency during the flight.

Mission Gaganyaan: First Test Flight

This test is a big deal. It involves sending a crew module up to space and bringing it back to Earth. After it lands in the Bay of Bengal, we’ll get it back. The Science Minister, Jitendra Singh, mentioned this last week. He said it’s a crucial part of India’s Gaganyaan mission, where we’re planning to send both unmanned and manned missions to space by 2024.

Indian Navy Force have already started practicing to get that module back safely. Singh talked about this at an event hosted by a private news channel. He said if this test goes well, it will be a significant step towards our first unmanned Gaganyaan mission and, later on, sending humans into space in the low Earth orbit. One more intresting thing is that, before we send humans, there will be a test flight next year with Vyommitra, a female robot astronaut!

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About ISRO Gaganyaan Mission

The Gaganyaan project is all about showing that India can send people to space. They plan to launch a crew of three astronauts, who are currently in training, to an orbit 400 km above the Earth’s surface. They’ll stay there for three days and then come back safely.

Before they send astronauts, there will be several test flights to make sure everything works perfectly. These test missions will include an air drop test, a pad abort test, and flights with the test vehicle.

ISRO had mentioned that the first development flight, TV-D1, is almost ready for launch. This test rocket has a single stage and uses liquid fuel, and it’s designed specifically for this abort mission.

FAQ’s about Mission Gaganyaan First Test Flight

Q.1: When Gaganyaan will launch?

Ans. Mission Gaganyaan First fight will launch on 21 October, 2023 (7AM-9AM IST.)

Q.2: Gaganyaan Mission to which planet?

Ans. The Gaganyaan mission is India’s first scientific journey to study the Sun.

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