Winner Results: Mr Olympia Classic Physique 2023 (Name & Price)

In the first round of the 2023 Classic Physique Olympia, we witnessed a familiar sight. Four-time champion Chris Bumstead stood next to last year’s runner-up and the 2023 Arnold Classic Physique winner, Ramon Rocha Queiroz. They posed for the enthusiastic fans who gathered around the stage to cheer them on.

Mr Olympia 2023 Winners List

Now, alongside the other top 10 contenders from the preliminary round, they were back at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. They were there to determine who would be crowned the 2023 Olympia champion in an interview with Bob Cicherillo. The final phase of the contest started with some last-minute comparisons. After the judges saw what they needed, Chris Bumstead was awarded the Classic Physique Olympia champion for the fifth year in a row.

Callout OneCallout Two
Jae Hun ParkBreon Ansley
Wesley VissersUrs Kalecinski
Michael DaboulRoman Rocha Queiroz
Terrence RuffinChris Bumstead
Mike Sommerfeld
Vahid Badpei


As expected by the fans, the two favorites, Bumstead and Queiroz, took center stage in the final callout. They were joined by Kalecinski and Ansley on either side. The crowd cheered enthusiastically as these four men struck their poses.

Following the final comparisons, the top five athletes began their individual routines. This group included Ansley, Kalecinski, Queiroz, Ruffin, and Bumstead.

Mr. Olympia Classic Physique 2023 Winner List

Participate NameWinning Price Amount
Chris Bumstead$50,000
Ramon Rocha Queiroz$25,000
Urs Kalecinski $12,000
Breon Ansley $7,000
Terrence Ruffin$6,000


In a thrilling moment, “The Miracle Bear” dazzled the audience with his signature break-dancing moves towards the end of his posing routine and secured the bronze medal.

Two-time champion Breon Ansley had initially announced a switch to the 212 division in the 2022 Olympia but decided to stay in the Classic Physique division when the IFBB Pro League increased the weight limits for each height class. The added weight did benefit Ansley, but he ended up in the fourth position, just like his performance in the 2022 Olympia.

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The top four contenders at the 2023 Olympia were the same as the previous year.

Former two-time AC champion Terrence Ruffin made progress by finishing fifth in the 2023 Olympia, one spot higher than his previous performance.

Mr Olympia winners list 2023 (4 Nov. Final)

Mr. Olympia 2023
1.Derek Lunsford
2.Hadi Choopan
3.Samson Dauda
4.Brandon Curry
5.Andrew Jacked


Men’s Physique Olympia 2023
1.Chris Bumstead
2.Ramon Rocha Querioz
3.Urs Kalecinski
4.Breon Ansley
5.Terrence Ruffin


Bikini Olympia
1.Ryan Terry
2.Brandon Hendrickson
3.Erin Banks
4.Emanuel Hunter
5.Diogo Montenegro


Wheelchair Olympia 2023
1.Karol Milewski
2.Harold Kelley
3.Josue Fabiano Barreto Monteiro
4.Mohammadreza Tabrizi Nouri
5.Gabrielle Andriuli


Year-Wise Mr. Olympia winners list

1.Jennifer Dorie
2.Maureen Blanquisco
3.Ashley Kaltwasser
4.Lauralie Chapados
5.Elisa Pecini
2022Hadi Choopan
2021Mamdouh Elssbiay
2020Mamdouh Elssbiay
2019Brandon Curry
2018Shawn Rhoden
2017Phil Heath
2016Phil Heath
2015Phil Heath
2014Phil Heath
2013Phil Heath
2012Phil Heath
2011Phil Heath
2010Jay Cutler
2009Jay Cutler
2008Dexter Jackson
2007Jay Cutler
2006Jay Cutler
2005Ronnie Coleman
2004Ronnie Coleman
2003Ronnie Coleman
2002Ronnie Coleman
2001Ronnie Coleman
2000Ronnie Coleman

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