SASSA Grant Dates – Children, Old & Disability SRD Payment Amount!

The South African Social Security Agency has announced the dates of payment for the different social subsidies it offers throughout the festive season, which runs from December 2023 to March 2024.

SASSA Grant Schedule

The Social Security Agency (Sassa) in South Africa has revealed the payment dates for social grants for the rest of 2023 and 2024. Sassa plays a crucial role in assisting millions of individuals in need.

Month Children Grant DatesOlder Grant Dates Disability Grant Dates
December 202305 December 2023 01 December 202304 December 2023
uary 2024
05 January 202403 January 202404 January 2024
February06 February 202402 February 202405 February 2024
March07 March 202405 March 202406 March 2024

It’s important to check the Sassa payment dates to ensure that you receive your grants on time. The agency follows the guidelines of the Social Assistance Act and is responsible for implementing various social assistance programs, including providing financial aid to South Africans facing economic challenges.

Understanding SASSA Grants and Eligibility Criteria

Financial challenges can be overwhelming, especially when caring for children or dealing with disabilities. The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides crucial grants to individuals and families in need. Let’s delve into the details of SASSA’s Child Grant and Disability Grant, along with eligibility criteria.

SASSA Old Grant & Eligibility 

Those who are sixty years of age or older and are unable to work for pay are eligible to receive this stipend. Individuals who are above 75 will earn R2 100 per month, while those who are 60 to 75 years old will get R2 080 each month.

SASSA Child Grant & Eligibility

If you find yourself in need of financial support to raise your child, a SASSA Child Grant may be available to you. To qualify, you must pass the means test and be the primary caregiver for the child, whether you’re a parent, grandparent, or a responsible child over 16 heading the household.

– Each child is entitled to receive R500 per month.
– If you are the primary caregiver for an orphan, you will receive R750 monthly (comprising the R500 Child Support Grant and a R250 top-up).

Foster parents providing care for orphaned, abandoned, abused, neglected, or endangered children placed in court care qualify for grants, receiving a monthly support amount of R1,120 per child.

SASSA Disability Grant & Eligibility

Individuals facing physical or mental disabilities preventing them from working for more than six months are eligible for the SASSA Disability Grant.

– A permanent disability grant is granted if the disability persists for more than a year.
– A temporary disability grant is offered for a continuous period of 6–12 months.

It’s crucial to note that a permanent disability award doesn’t guarantee eternal life; it signifies receiving payments for a more extended period. The maximum monthly compensation for a disability grant is R2,080.

SASSA Financial Aid Amounts

SASSA provides financial aid in the form of pensions, disability payments, and child support. The monthly amounts vary:

– Seniors under 75 years: R2,080
– Seniors over 75 years: R2,100
– Disability Grants: R2,080
– Child Grants: R500

Checking SASSA Balance

To check your SASSA grant balance, you can use the USSD code *134*7737# and follow the on-screen instructions. If this doesn’t work, try *120*69277# for an alternative. Additionally, ATMs can be used to check the balance without incurring any charges.

SASSA Grant Collection Points

SASSA grant recipients can collect their awards at various payment locations, including ATMs, retail establishments, Post Office branches, and mobile cash pay stations. Choosing to collect your grant money a few days after the payment date can save you from the long lines.

2024 SASSA Grants Eligibility

To be eligible for a SASSA grant in 2024, you must fall into one of the following categories:

– Individuals under 60 years old
– Individuals with disabilities
– Children (under the age of eighteen)
– Individuals relying on care
– Foster children
– Veterans of war

Understanding these grants and eligibility criteria ensures that those in need can access the necessary financial support provided by SASSA.

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