WhatsApp adds voice chat feature for large groups : What is it and know how to use this feature?

WhatsApp has launched a new voice chat feature that provides a unified experience for large group conversations. The functionality enables for multitasking and will be available shortly on iOS and Android devices for groups of 33 to 128 participants.

WhatsApp Voice Chat Feature

WhatsApp has rolled out a cool new feature – a voice chat function that lets users have live talks with big groups in a smoother, less bothersome way. Unlike regular voice calls or voice notes, this nifty feature won’t ring each group member’s phone individually when someone starts a voice chat. Instead, everyone gets a quiet notification, and they can decide to join the chat whenever suits them.

According to WhatsApp, this fresh feature is great for people who are busy or prefer not to be disturbed. Plus, it makes hopping in and out of conversations a breeze. For instance, if you’re in a meeting but need to step away for a bit, just tap the chat bubble to exit the voice chat. When you’re ready to jump back in, tap the chat bubble again. Much like the voice chat in Discord, WhatsApp lets you join and leave whenever. The call controls sit at the top of the group chat, so you can keep on messaging while the voice chat goes on. It’s all about convenience!

How to use WhatsApp Group Voice Chat Feature

To begin a voice chat on WhatsApp with your group, follow these simple steps:

1. Open the group chat where you wish to initiate the voice chat.
2. Tap the phone icon located in the top right corner of the screen.
3. Select “Start Voice Chat.”
4. All group members will get a notification, inviting them to join the voice chat.
5. The banner at the bottom of the screen shows who has joined the voice chat.
6. If you want to exit the voice chat, just tap the Red Cross button.

That’s it! You’re ready to have a smooth voice chat with your WhatsApp group.

Main key points about whatsApp group new voice chat feature

WhatsApp’s latest voice chat feature is designed for multitasking, letting you manage the call and send text messages simultaneously. The feature is end-to-end encrypted, ensuring that only you and the other participants have access to the conversation.

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Here are some key points about WhatsApp new voice chat feature :

  1. Multitasking: You can control the call and send text messages at the same time, making it convenient for users.
  2. Encryption: The conversations are end-to-end encrypted, providing privacy as only participants can see and hear the conversation.
  3. Rollout: The voice chat feature is gradually being introduced for groups with 33 to 128 participants on both iOS and Android devices in the coming weeks.
  4. Group Size Limit: Groups with fewer than 33 members will initially not have access to this feature, as they can use WhatsApp’s existing group voice call functionality.
  5. Device Compatibility: The feature is available only on your primary device.
  6. Visibility for Non-Participants: Group members not in the voice chat can still see the profiles of those engaged in the voice chat from the chat header and the Calls tab.
  7. Automatic Ending: Voice chats will conclude automatically when everyone leaves the chat or if no one joins the first or last person in the chat within 60 minutes.

This update aims to enhance the group communication experience on WhatsApp, providing more flexibility and privacy for users.

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